Decorative Ideas – Water Garden Fountains

It is very important to have a good time in your own home, in your own courtyard, and in your own garden. This is why people think of decorating the environment they spend their time in the best way possible.

These days when it comes to garden decorating, more and more people go for water garden fountains. They build up little water and green corners of paradise in order to relax on a quiet Sunday or a warm night. They want their home and the surrounding landscape to match.

If we think about fountains, the history of fountains starts in ancient times in the Middle East. Diagrams on tombs showed that such fountains were used in homes. The first designs were given a Persian touch. This is where the idea of an enclosure came, inducing the idea of heaven. With the Romans, water features were accompanied by the idea of public baths, both aspects the Romans really cared for.

When it comes to natural fountains and their impact on people it is based on their perceptions and it is understandable. The human body is 75% water and water covers about 2/3 of the earth’s surface. Also, water as a symbol can be found in all arts and mythologies, which brings it closer to its decorative purpose. Of course, we cannot forget the trade functions it has and its political and economic influences.

Having your own water garden fountain is not such a difficult thing to do and more and more interesting designs are conceived every day. It only takes some money, creativity and one or more licensed plumbers and you are on the right track. For example, you can create a water garden fountain centered on a glazed ceramic planter. This can be quite a spectacular water fountain. You can create this type of fountain inexpensively, but there are also a number of more complex designs and projects, which will bring the cost up.

Creativity requires not only the design but how the pipes are laid out. One example is a fountain which has a central pipe for the plumbing and pipes on the side which are decorative. One of the most recommended systems is PEX plumbing. PEX is perfect for water plumbing because it is flexible, resistant to both low and high temperatures and to the different chemicals in the plumbing environment. Also, these systems don’t have a large number of joints and are quite cheap to install.

Installing your own water fountain is not difficult, depending on the design and parts. If you envision a complex design for your water garden fountain, it is worth the effort and expense. A water garden fountain adds class to your outdoor space and provides a serene and comfortable atmosphere.