Landscaping Guide: Using Software Programs

You have great ideas for your landscape design. In your mind’s eye, you can see how your plan will enhance the beauty of your property. But, are you really sure?

If you want to visually see the ideas you have, you may want to buy landscape software. You may know what plants, flowers, or trees and other decorative elements you want to use. How will they look when you put them in place? Will you be satisfied with the desired effect?

There are many landscape software programs on the market. They range in price from free to thousands of dollars. The software programs differ in the functions they offer. Some allow you to create a design based on climate factors in your area. Some are limited to simple designs and you may not be able to create the visual image you are looking for.

The more expensive software packages are for professional landscape architects. They offer more functions and will show you your exact design and how your property will look.

There is a learning curve with this type of software. The software comes with instructions and may be easy to use, but you still will have to take the time to select, size, and plant the items on your list. Most of the software programs, even the inexpensive ones, feature three-dimensional viewing. This allows you to rotate the view so you can see how your design will look from different angles. There may also be an overhead view so that you can see how your colors will look together.

Software programs for the construction of outdoor decks and patios may also feature what you need for landscaping. These will include plans for plumbing and electrical work. So, if your landscape project includes adding an outdoor room, you may want to consider this type of software.

You should try to get a demo of the software before you purchase it. You can try out the program to see if the results are what you need to help you with your project. The graphics included in the program should be easy to see and be clear. You should try to make sure the graphics are in color so you can see what your final design will look like in full color. Getting a demo version of the various programs you have on your list will allow you to compare the features of each along with the price.

If you can not find a software program that meets your needs and is within your budget, you may want to use a drawing program that came with your computer.

Whether you use a software program to design your garden, or you do it by hand, or if you use a drawing program that came with your computer, the idea is to try to get the best visual for the design you have in mind.