Using Stones in your Landscape

When you design the landscape for your yard, you want it to look natural and to be ascetically pleasing. Layering the landscape in your yard will give it this beauty. One way to achieve this is through the use of stone in your landscape. In this article, when I use the word stone I am including rocks and boulders, natural or man-made.

Landscaping stones give your yard depth. The stones can be used to accent a portion of your yard. You can also plant flowers around these stones to add color. Landscaping stones also come in various colors. The natural ones are warm beiges with hints of red and sometimes yellow. Man-made stones come in various colors. Colored stones in winter can make your yard feel warm.

Landscaping stones come in various shapes and sizes. You will want to choose ones that provide the best accent and decorative element for the look you are trying to achieve. You may use different sizes in different areas of your yard.

Natural rocks add depth and texture to your landscape design. They should be added to your yard so they look natural and not placed. Just as with the flowers you plant in your garden areas, you want the stones and rocks you use to create balance and symmetry in your yard.

To create a natural and interesting effect, you should consider digging a hole where the stone will be placed. This will not look as if it was just dumped in that area.

Landscaping stones can make an area look natural and inviting. Planting flowers or a ground cover around them will make them look as if they were meant to be there.